Commercial Catering

Blue Seal

Blue Seal Turbofan 5 Grid Touch Control Combi Oven With Auto Wash EC40D5

Packing a huge amount of functionality and performance into a small space, the Blue Seal EC40D5 Digital 5 Grid Combi Oven is ideal for smaller restaurants, bakeries and concessions. User friendly and intuitive, the combi helps you to expand your menu and produce spectacular quality food. Digital control brings unrivalled precision and speed to the cooking process, with 10 pre-programmed cooking modes for your best selling menu items and up to 89 user-defined programmes for everything else. Whether youre baking bread, roasting meat or simply cooking trays of bacon for the busy breakfast service, the Blue Seal combi is ideal. Electric. 5 Grid. 7.25kW. Touch Control

Blue Seal Turbofan 10 Grid Manual Control Combi Oven EC40M10

With its huge 10 tray capacity, the Blue Seal EC40M10 Manual Combi Oven is ideal for large scale catering in schools, prisons, restaurants and more. Using convection, steam or a combination of both, the EC40M10 can cook up to 80 covers per load quickly and easily. User friendly manual controls ensure simple, effective operation. Its also easy to clean, thanks to the externally connected hand shower and round-edge interior. Electric. 10 Grid. 14.5kW. Manual Control

Blue Seal Turbofan Prover Holding Cabinet with Humidifier P85M8

Perfect for both fresh and frozen dough products, the Blue Seal Turbofan P85M8 Prover/Holding Cabinet helps you produce the very best quality food. Clever and compact, the design can accommodate up to eight 706x736mm baking trays. With simple, manual dial control, the cabinet is easy to use and brings the perfect heat and humidity for precise yeast activation. Ideal for use in bakeries or other specialist bread outlets when used alongside the Blue Seal Turbofan E35D6 convection oven. 1.45kW. Capacity: 8 Racks

Blue Seal Turbofan 7 Grid Manual Control Combi Oven EC40M7

A truly versatile addition for restaurant, hotel and school kitchens, the Blue Seal EC40M7 Manual Electric Combi Oven boasts impressive commercial performance and unlimited potential for your menu. Packed with raw power, the EC40M7 enables flawlessly succulent results thanks to automatic steam regulation functionality as well as variable ventilation speeds for the perfect finish. With space for up to seven full size (1/1) gastronorm pans, theres plenty of capacity for busy services. Electric. 7 Grid. 12.5kW. Manual Control

Blue Seal Turbofan 10 Grid Touch Control Combi Oven with Auto Wash EC40D10

With user friendly digital programmable control and a huge 10 grid capacity, the EC40D10 Blue Seal Turbofan 10 Grid Combi Oven boasts impressive output and fantastic cooking results. Expand your menu with the versatility of direct steam, which helps to retain the size, flavour and nutrients in food whilst also reducing waste. Automatic moisture control, as well as Autoreverse and core probe functionality help to regulate conditions in the cooking chamber and produce perfectly uniform consistent results every time. The Blue Seal is also fitted with a water softener as standard, meaning water is treated before it even enters the machine - this reduces the likelihood of limescale damage over time and ensures only great quality water is used during cooking and auto cleaning. Electric. 10 Grid. 14.5kW. Touch Control

Blue Seal Turbofan Prover Holding Cabinet with Humidifier P85M12

Providing a highly reliable hot holding or bread proving solution, the Blue Seal P85M12 offers generous internal capacity and exceptional humidity control. Best used alongside the Blue Seal Turbofan E35D6 convection oven, the P85M23 provides the perfect conditions for accurate yeast activation as well as dependable, high capacity hot holding. With space for up to 12 full size (706x736mm) sheet pans and user-friendly dial controls, the cabinet is ideal for use in bakeries or other specialist bread outlets. 1.95kW. Capacity: 12 Racks

Blue Seal Turbofan 7 Grid Touch Control Combi Oven with Auto Wash EC40D7

Generous internal capacity meets impressive commercial cooking performance with the EC40D7 Blue Seal Turbofan 6 Grid Digital Combi Oven. With fantastic front-of-house looks and user-friendly programmable control, the oven is perfect for use in cafés, bakeries and concession stands, as well as behind the scenes in restaurants or school kitchens. Great for steaming, baking or a combination of both, the combi delivers consistent, reliable results every time at the touch of a button. The combi also features a highly convenient automatic cleaning and self-diagnostic system, ensuring effective, hygienic operation and a long working life cycle. Electric. 7 Grid. 12.5kW. Touch Control

Blue Seal Turbofan Convection Oven E35D6

The high capacity E35D6 Blue Seal Turbofan Convection oven boasts flexible programmable control and impressive cooking performance. With a full 6 grid capacity, the oven is ideal for baking a huge variety of foods, from breads and cakes to pizzas and pies. Equally suitable for roasting, the Blue Seal includes the versatility of steam injection to help retain the foods texture and flavour. The attractive exterior and large viewing window mean the oven looks great in your kitchen as well as in front of house locations. Powerful, functional and ultimately a fantastic addition to any kitchen. 12.5kW. Capacity: 6x 1/1GN

Blue Seal Natural Gas Salamander Grill G91B

Featuring dual burner control across either side, the Blue Seal G91B natural gas salamander grill gives you the versatility and control to cook products to exact preference without the risk of overcooking your food. Supplied with a wall bracket as standard to save on counter space, the unit also comes equipped with a branding plate to add that signature barbecue brand to steaks, burgers and other meats to enhance customer satisfaction. The cooking rack can be positioned flat or inclined to assist with draining excess fat, which collects into a handy drip tray housed underneath, saving time on avoidable excess cleaning. Natural Gas