Commercial Catering


Caterlite Light Duty Microwave Oven with Grill 900W

Whether youre cooking, reheating or defrosting food, the Caterlite light duty combi microwave makes it quick and easy. Compact and sturdy, the microwave features easy to use dial controls and five power setting, allowing quick operation during busier periods. The strong stainless steel exterior is both stylish and easy to clean, making the microwave perfect for smaller business or home use. As a handy extra feature, the unit also includes a grill function which helps you to perform tasks such as melting cheese or browning dishes. Ideal for light duty or home use. Power output: 900W. 6.1A. Capacity: 23Ltr. Manual

Caterlite Induction Hob 2000W

Instant heat at the touch of a button. Whether youre boiling a stock, frying steak or reducing a sauce, the Caterlite 2kW Induction hob provides a reliable and stylish induction cooking surface. The hob features automatic pan detection, meaning power is only applied when the pan is in position. This not only saves energy - it helps to extend the lifespan of the appliance too. Whether its used as a home induction hob or as a backup/secondary unit in small businesses, the Caterlite is an excellent choice. Please note: suitable for induction compatible pans only, such as Vogue stainless steel or Tri Wall pans. 2000W

Caterlite Double Induction Hob 3kW

Stylish and powerful, the Caterlite Double Induction Hob is the ideal light duty solution for small cafés, restaurants, mobile caterers or even demo cooking. With strong stainless steel construction combined with durable black ceramic glass, the double hob is both robust and easy to clean. Power comes from a single 13A plug, meaning the hob is simple to install and store. 3kW. Twin Ring

Caterlite Mini Oven with Rotisserie function - 38Ltr

A great addition for small restaurants and cafes, this Caterlite Mini Oven is perfectly suited for a workplace where space is at a premium. This machine boasts an impressive range of functions for its size, including five separate cooking functions, the capacity for powerful convection cooking and a rotisserie mode for up to 1.5kg joints of meat (accessory kit included). If you are looking for a comprehensive cooking machine with a minimal footprint, this appliance is ideal. 2kW. Capacity: 38Ltr. Rotisserie function

Caterlite Compact Microwave Oven 700W

Cook, reheat or defrost food quickly and easily with the compact Caterlite 700W microwave oven. With simple manual dial controls, you can easily select one of six power settings and time up to 30 minutes. The rotating glass turntable ensures a consistent cook throughout the food and once youve finished, the stylish white steel interior and exterior is effortless to clean. Ideal for light duty or home use. Power output: 700W. 5.2A. Capacity: 17Ltr. Manual