Commercial Catering


Menumaster Light Duty Microwave RMS510TS

Whether you¿re melting a chocolate sponge, gently heating porridge, or defrosting a serving of lasagne, the RMS510TS Menumaster light duty microwave makes the process fast and easy. Efficient and effective, the microwave is designed to provide reliable, consistent results every time. With up to 1kw of cooking power and a generous 23 litre internal capacity, this programmable microwave is ideal for light duty commercial use. Power output: 1kW. 13A. Capacity: 23Ltr. Programmable

Menumaster Heavy Duty Compact Microwave DEC18E2

Send food from the freezer to your customers plate within minutes with this DEC18E2 Menumaster heavy duty microwave, a sturdy and reliable solution for fast food and high demand businesses. Utilising Menumasters signature power to provide even and consistent cooking results for a range of products, you can adjust the power and style of cooking through a touch panel interface for seamless versatility. As a speciality microwave designed to withstand a hectic and high use kitchen environment, the impressive 17 litre cavity can fit a standard half pan allowing you to transfer food directly from the hob or oven. If you require regular cooking of signature dishes you can program your own cooking routines to shave precious seconds off the cooking process. Power output: 1.8kW. 13A. Capacity: 17Ltr. Programmable

Menumaster Large Capacity Microwave RCS511TS

Cooking, reheating and defrosting are made easy with the Menumaster RCS511TS large capacity programmable microwave. With a generous 34 litre internal capacity, there¿s plenty of space for larger dishes or multiple smaller plates. The x2 functionality does the maths for you ¿ automatically adjusting the cooking times if there¿s more than a single plate of food in the microwave. The Menumaster has many features to streamline the cooking process, from one-touch start to the simplicity of an ergonomic easy-open door. Power output: 1.1kW. 13A. Capacity: 34Ltr. Programmable

Menumaster Light Duty Microwave RMS510DS

Superb as either a backup or light duty use oven, the RMS510DS Menumaster microwave is a compact and stylish solution which provides commercial quality performance. With manual controls, it¿s incredibly easy to start reheating food ¿ just set the timer and close the door. Stainless steel construction throughout makes cleaning simple too. This oven is stackable, making it great for stations where double the output is required. Power output: 1kW. 13A. Capacity: 23Ltr. Manual

Menumaster Heavy Duty Compact Microwave DEC14E2

As heavy duty as they come, the compact Menumaster DEC14E2 microwave upholds a reputation amongst fast food and high demand caterers as the go-to appliance for performance, reliability and output. With an internal space that accommodates a half pan directly from the oven, this microwave is built to seamlessly assist in speeding up the cooking process without fuss. Power options can be adjusted through a touch pad control system to match the thickness and consistency of your dish - particularly useful in locations like care homes and hospitals with specific requirements for food. Custom programs can also be inputted for recipes used everyday in your business. Power output: 1.4kW. 13A. Capacity: 17Ltr. Programmable

Menumaster Large Capacity Microwave RCS511DSE

Powerful yet efficient, the RCS511DSE Menumaster medium duty large capacity microwave has a generous internal cavity to cook double or batch quantities of food in one go. Using a motor driven antenna, power is reliably distributed throughout the cavity to ensure each meal is cooked quickly and to perfection. Its also constructed to withstand the hustle and bustle of busy establishments like coffee shops, dessert stations and cafes. This machine is stackable to save valuable counter space, whilst the removable air filter and simple manual controls makee the microwave simple to operate and maintain. Power output: 1.1kW. 13A. Capacity: 34Ltr. Manual

Menumaster Heavy Duty Compact Microwave DEC21E2

Cook your dishes quicker and more evenly with a DEC21E2 Menumaster heavy duty compact microwave, a powerful cooking solution which uses unique energy distribution to ensure every meal receives consistent heat to its very core. The interior chamber can accommodate a standard half pan whilst the quantity pad inside automatically calculates the cooking times for bulk batches, making this microwave suitable for high paced kitchens. As a compact machine, it minimises installation cost thanks to vent-free operation that removes the needs for potentially expensive overhead extraction. The control panel on the device is streamlined and easy to operate, with four stages of cooking and up to 100 personalised settings to suit your menu. Power output: 2.1kW. 16A. Capacity: 17Ltr. Programmable

Menumaster Large Capacity Microwave RFS518TS

With its vast 34 litre capacity and 1.8kW cooking power, the heavy duty Menumaster RFS518TS is fantastic addition to your kitchen. Whether you¿re warming desserts, cooking vegetables or defrosting pre-cooked dishes, the Menumaster makes it fast and easy. Simple programmable controls give you one-touch operation to speed up service, whilst the sturdy commercial construction ensures the microwave can keep up with the fast-paced catering industry. Able to fit a full 14¿ wide platter inside. Power output: 1.8kW. 13A. Capacity: 34Ltr. Programmable