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Lifestyle Taranto Gas BBQ Pizza Oven LFS692

Create homemade style pizzas and amaze your guests with the help of the Lifestyle Taranto Pizza Barbecue Oven, a compact and manoeuvrable outdoor appliance that suits any style of home or business. Choose between a standard and slow cooking area to prepare a variety of barbecue style food including chicken, burgers and kebabs. For the signature Italian dish, a pizza stone comes included with the product to provide perfectly crisp and evenly cooked pizza bases to complete the authentic charm. Fold down side shelves allow plenty of space for food to cool and makes the oven portable and easy to tidy away. A front viewing window and assisting temperature gauge gives you complete control and observation across every stage of cooking, keeping your customers mouths watering and stomachs grumbling. Heat Up Time: 10mins. 16,000 Btu/hr. Propane Gas

Lifestyle Verona Gas BBQ Pizza Oven LFS691

Prepare all your favourite barbecue and baked goods from pizza, to bread and lasagne with a deluxe Lifestyle Verona Pizza Oven, hosting an impressive 16000 BTU for effective high grade cooking. Incorporating a woodchip smoker to infuse a distinctive barbecue flavour that will make your meals all the more memorable. Watch your dishes cook through the front viewing window and prepare space with a pair of helpful fold down shelves, allowing you to enter your next order directly into the oven as your first one cools. Easy to start up and wheel away thanks to a simplistic electronic ignition button and wheels for outdoor storage. Heat Up Time: 10mins. 16,000 Btu/hr with cabinet. Propane Gas

Lifestyle Milano Gas BBQ Pizza Oven LFS690

Remember the joys of outdoor cooking with this Milano Pizza Oven and Barbecue from Lifestyle, a simplified cooking appliance with the capacity to cook and bake meats, pizzas and breads within full view of you and your audience. An integrated temperature gauge ensures you retain complete control over the cooking and with a front glass window built on to the unit, you and your guests can witness the fruits of your labour until the very moment youre ready to serve. When queuing a variety of foods you can use the fold down stainless steel shelves for storing both raw and cooked foods as you best see fit. The included woodchip smoker box will add a distinct tang that patrons will find hard to forget or resist. Heat Up Time: 10mins. 16,000 Btu/hr with cabinet. Propane Gas