Commercial Catering


Unox LINEMISS Elena 3 grid Convection Oven XFT185

The Unox Linemiss Elena 3 Grid Convection Oven XFT185 offers the ideal solution for bakeries, cafes and sandwich shops with limited space, achieving the same great results youd expect from larger ovens. With AIR.Plus, DRY.Plus and STEAM.Plus functionality, all controlled by the user-friendly digital control panel, the oven guarantees the precise distribution of air, humidity and steam within the cabinet - helping you to enhance the flavour and appearance of your food with ease. A great quality commercial convection oven. 3kW. Capacity: three 600 x 400 grids

Unox LINEMICRO Anna 4 grid Convection Oven XF023

With the same great performance, reliability and efficiency as larger ovens, the Unox Linemicro Anna XF023 Convection Oven fits all the functionality into a small, compact countertop model. With four shelves and a user-friendly control panel, its simple to bake croissants, pasties, pies and much more with reliably consistent results. Easy to use, clean and maintain. 3kW. Capacity: four 460 x 330 grids

Unox Cheftop MIND Maps Plus Combi Oven 10xGN 2/1 with Commissioning

A truly innovative combination oven, the Unox Cheftop MIND Maps Plus helps you to get the results you need every time. With its large double size (2/1) GN compatible interior, the oven can accommodate up to ten pans at a time and allows you to cook each pan with different times thanks to the MULTI Time functionality. The Mise En Place program ensures youve got all the right timings, so everythings ready just when you need it. Whether youre grilling, frying, steaming or baking, the MIND Maps Plus delivers easily repeatable, almost unbeatable cooking results. Supplied with FREE XUC installation kit worth £210, including water drain fittings, U-trap and more - everything needed for a manual installation. Also supplied with FREE 4x 1ltr Unox Det & Rinse detergent and 5 FREE stainless steel wire grids. Please note: this option includes professional commissioning by a fully qualified Unox approved partner, which extends the warranty to 2 Years Parts & Labour. Only select this option if you have your own Unox installation arrangements. If installation is required, please select it from the drop-down. With Commissioning - 2 Year Warranty

Unox LINEMISS Arianna 4 grid Convection Oven XFT130

Compact , reliable and efficient, the Unox Linemiss Arianna 4 Grid Convection oven XFT130 combines powerful commercial performance and stylish good looks - perfect for customer facing areas in cafés, sandwich shops and more. User friendly digital controls make operation effortless, with up to 99 baking programs, each with 3 baking steps easily selectable at the push of a button. AIR.Plus and DRY.Plus functionality guarantee precise cooking conditions, allowing you to achieve the same results as youd expect from a much larger oven. 3kW. Capacity: four 460 x 330 grids