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Hog King

Hog King Hog Master Pro Hog Roast Machine HM005

Compact and portable, the HM001 Hogmaster Pro Hog Roast Machine allows you to produce deliciously tempting hog roasts anywhere. Perfect for theatre cooking in beer gardens, restaurant terraces or even the home, the Hogmaster Pro can cook up to a 30 kilo pig effortlessly and then be used as a highly visible raised carving station. The Hogmaster can also be used for spit roasting chicken or beef if fitted with the battery operated spit roast kit, as well as a large capacity professional barbecue if fitted with the BBQ kit (both sold separately). Countertop. Propane Gas

Hog Roast Machine Propane Gas HM001

The large capacity, stainless steel Hog Roast Machine in Propane Gas HM001 is fully mobile thanks to its gas supply and four castors (two which can be locked) thus making it ideal for outside catering. It also comes as standard with temperature control for easy cooking whilst the tray can be raised through brackets allowing easy carving and serving. The machine is capable of cooking up to 100kg of meat in one session. Please note, spit roast kit (CC125) is not included. Stainless steel.Propane gas